About “… de los valles y las montañas”

“… de los valles y las montañas” is a critical reflection on the duality of our existence on earth, of hate and love, of technology and wilderness, of civilization and brutality, of noise and silence. We live in world of skyscraper filled cities and vast, empty wilderness. There is a fragile balance there, so fragile it seems like on the edge of scattering into pieces. It’s sad and beautiful at the same time. This duality is present in “… de los valles y las montañas”, gentle piano lines and violin melodies confront the screaming noise of street preachers and the background noises, almost trying to cast some light in the dark scenery. The music here does not try to make any judgments, it just tries to allow the listener a moment of peace to think about it.”.

The album is composed entirely of improvised pieces, recorded directly on tape, no second takes. It’s intended to be listened as a whole, with all pieces flowing together with no silence in-between.

The opening piece, “Resuenan sus ecos en las despiadadas cumbres nevadas” is dedicated to the Russian gay community, who are unable to express their love publicly. The whole album is dedicated to my husband, Miguel.

Pre-orders will be available soon.

A new beginning…

Some time ago, due to the abuse my music had been suffered during all these years, I decided to close the Bosques de mi Mente’s project for good. During this period, I have been composing and playing for myself mostly. However, as the months passed, lots of friends asked me to continue the project, and I did received lots of emails and letters with the same request. I have to thank you all for your love and kindness, and for caring so much about Bosques de mi Mente’s music. I had mixed feelings about the whole music release thing, and up to this day, I don’t know how things are going to work, but after talking with Taner, an old friend from Fluttery Records, we kind of agreed in a formula that may work for allowing me to have control on how my music is used, and keep on publishing as Bosques de mi Mente.

I have to say I’m really excited about being able to compose and share my music again. The next album is going to be called “… de los valles y las montañas” (…of the valleys and mountains), and I hope to release it with Fluttery Records.

Thank you all for your support and your love.

Video of the last concert by Bosques de mi Mente.

Los vídeos del último concierto de despedida de Bosques de mi Mente. The videos for the last farewell concert of Bosques de mi Mente.


Thank you

Yesterday’s concert was a gorgeous experience, and a beautiful way to bring Bosques de mi Mente to an end. I would like to thank you all for being there and support me throughout these years. I would like also the give a special “Gracias” to Sergio Trujillo and VJ Bocho for joining me onstage and turning the event into such a magical experience, and to Carlos for giving us the chance to celebrate this last concert.


Bosques de mi Mente.

Farewell Concert for Bosques de mi Mente

Hola a todos. Quería anunciaros el concierto de despedida de Bosques de mi Mente. En Espacio Ronda en Madrid, el 18 de Octubre a las 20:00h. Mi buen amigo Dario (VJ Bocho) estará a cargo de las proyecciones. La entrada son 10€. Si queréis reservar vuestra entrada solo tenéis que llamar al 913 661 041 o escribirles a info@espacioronda.com. Aforo 100 personas. Podéis compartir el cartel si queréis.


cartelHello everybody, I am writing to announce the farewell concert for Bosques de mi Mente’s. It will take place in Espacio Ronda (Madrid), October, 18th, at 20:00h. My good old friend Dario (VJ Bocho) will cast some visual projections. The ticket price is 10€. You can make a reservation by calling +34 913 661 041 or messaging to info@espacioronda.com. 100 seats available. You can share the poster if you want to.