The last album from Bosques de mi Mente…

The last album from Bosques de mi Mente. The album tells the story of the survivors of a long, endless winter on earth. All music composed, recorded and mastered by Bosques de mi Mente. Copyright Ignacio Nieto Carvajal. The cover art and painting is the work of “Siendo Nube“. Thank you, Nube.

You can download it here.

No Sobreviviremos Otro Invierno

This is the video for a song of a not-to-be-released album by Bosques de mi Mente, called “No sobreviviremos otro invierno”. Think of it as Bosques de mi Mente’s swan song. I have publicly released it as a gift for my boyfriend today, because it’s his birthday. Happy Birthday Miguel! Love u.

The voice reading the poem in the video is our friend Tom. Thank you Tom for lending us your voice!


When I started the “Bosques de mi Mente” project, I was young, and very naïve to begin with. It was a time when I believed in free culture, free art and free music. I believed that, by sharing things, we helped to enrich our society and our world. I believed in the basic goodness of mankind.

Some years ago, the “Redes” TV series producer “Grupo Punset” decided, unilaterally, to use my music without asking me for permission, giving me attribution and, of course, without paying me anything. I don’t really want to be payed for my music, as I don’t intend to make a living out of it, but of course I want to have creative control on where, how and in which conditions my music is used, specially if it’s for commercial purposes, and of course the attribution and a “thank you” note is always pleasant. I engaged myself in a long legal process, trying to find out if I could make something to defend my music of this inappropriate use, spending a money I don’t really have. Yesterday, this process came to an end when my lawyer just told me that -in summary- because my music is “free” and I have no sales record, we can’t really do nothing. I don’t have a case. They win.

This has had a really deep impact on me. I had been thinking lately if I chose the right model for my music when I started. As years pass, I have the feeling that music is progressively being seen as a product, rather than as art. And this is sad, because we live in the digital age. Nowadays, more than ever before, we have the chance to create art, and we have lots of resources for doing so. It is relatively easy for someone to grab a computer, some mics, and start making music, and so lots of new real artists have flourished, people that wouldn’t have been allowed to create something, due to lack of resources, some years ago.

But this digital age has also its dark side. Nowadays it is really hard to protect your music (and art in general) from being stolen and misused. And if you, like me, have no resources or a big company backing you up, you can’t do anything. It’s that simple. During the years, people has used my music for lots of disgusting things, without asking for permission. Sometimes, they would tell me that they have used my music for a film, or theatre play, and now that they were selling it or presenting it to festivals, they needed the music’s rights transfer. Sometimes they would request this rights for free. Sometimes they would even get angry when I told them that I couldn’t assign them the rights of my music without at least a compensation payment. Most of the times they would use the music without asking me.

But this message from my lawyer yesterday has been the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me, and I have decided to give up.

It’s been a really nice endeavor, and a very important part of my life. I will never forget what “Bosques de mi Mente” has brought to my life, and I have so many people to thank here that it would be impossible, so I would just say: Farewell.

I plan to release the last EP I have recorded, “No sobreviviremos otro invierno”, as soon as the cello player can record his parts, and you will still be able to listen and download to “Bosques de mi Mente”‘s music in my home page and on Bandcamp. I will post some things here and there, but for the most part the project is over. I hope you will keep on enjoying Bosques de mi Mente’s music for a long time. I still have some copies of the physical edition of “Nueve Días de Invierno” left, in case you are interested.


Bosques de mi Mente.


Official artwork for “es una nube, no hay duda”

Hello everybody,

For this year’s 12 months 12 EPs project I will count with the collaboration of graphic artist “Siendo Nube”. Make sure to check her work. I would like to thank Nube for her beautiful and inspiring work, and for taking part in the project. Nube has taken part in the official cover for the EP “es una nube, no hay duda”, and has also contributed to the next EP, that will be coming by the end of the month.


Mic placement ready for the next EP

Yesterday I finished the sound checks and mic placement, so everything is ready for recording. The next album is going to feature piano, but not as the main instrument…

Ayer terminé las pruebas de sonido y de colocación de micrófonos, así que todo está listo para la grabación. El siguiente EP va a tener piano, pero no como instrumento principal…